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I have the very first model of Skagen's watch, but the design of Skagen watches in recent years has been more beautiful and sophisticated from the beginning. Especially those of the type of leather belts that were not originally have attractive qualities.

Currently I am mainly using Daniel Wellington's watch and Casio's G-SHOCK, but I think I will purchase Skagen's watch again.

The goodness of Skagen is not only simple but I think that it is in a place where you feel something special elegance though it is never expensive. Regardless of G-SHOCK, this special elegance is a distinctive charm that can not be presented to Daniel Wellington.

G-SHOCK is, to clearly say the design is no longer also no longer be fun novelty as a product with one pattern, Daniel Wellington has got to limit the variations of the design in order to focus the aim.

Compared to them, the Skagen watches have many patterns of designs that can be chosen, and all of these patterns can express their merits. It will also cause you to wonder which one to buy, though.