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ペンについてその3──ジュースアップ / About pen 3 - juice up














Last time I wrote that jetstream is good if I use a pen. However, while examining and trying a new pen, I started thinking that the pen called juiceup is better than the jetstream.

juiceup is a water-based ballpoint pen that is sold by the same pilot company as the jetstream, characterized by fine lines and a smooth writing taste. Especially the type of thickness of 0.3 mm has the surprising performance that it is thin and easy to write, without becoming caught like a sticky writing tendency in a thin pen.

The newly developed pen tip "Synergy Chip" installed in the juice up is a completely new structure and shape chip making full use of the merits of conventional pipe chips and corn chips, and is a thin pipe shaped pen Although it is ahead, the pen tip is difficult to bend, thickening the rear part of the pipe expands the path of the ink, smooth supply of ink to the pen tip makes it possible to write smoothly ing.

Also with respect to the design, it is a cool design that far surpasses friction and jetstream, even meets even the desire to possess as inferior to an exclusive pen.

Besides, there are plenty of color variations, total of 22 colors, 10 common colors, 6 pastel colors (0.4 mm only), 6 metallic colors (0.4 mm only). Pastel colors and metallic colors can also be written on black paper. Knock formula 0.4 mm pastel color, metallic color is the world's thinnest. Since there are so many color variations, it is also possible to use it instead of Copic when drawing illustrations.