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理論と現実について / On theory and reality
















There is a theory. But the reality is not that way. It is criticized. However, it is an advantage to dare to analyze including the deviation between that theory and the reality.
For human beings, the reality is not made up of reality alone. Human reality has been put in by theory by the theory, it is now difficult to grasp as reality itself.
Since I am hungry, I wonder how to eat bananas, but how many theories are on the way before the banana is obtained from the banana tree in hand?
We can not be a realist and we can not be an idealist, we are halfway mediators between the two.
There is a moderate virtue in wisdom in China and Greece, but there is no dare to aim, now we are in such an intermediate from the beginning.
Theory and reality, angels and devils, Flannie and Zoe, anything, we can not live either, we have to fumble through those two things.