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ペンについてその2──ジェットストリーム / About Pen 2 - Jetstream










Last time, I wrote that friction ballpoint pen is good. However, when I compare using other pens afterwards, jetstream is not bad as well. Or rather, jetstream may be better.


First, ink is easier to write jetstream than friction. Easy-to-read characters must have a wide space between lines and lines, but the lines of friction are vague and blurred and can not express the extent of the space between lines and lines that are indispensable for readable characters . Indeed, jetstream (especially those with a thickness of 0.5) can express a space between lines and lines extensively, so that very easy-to-read letters can be written. Besides, the ink of jetstream draws a perfect outline, so it seems like the characters' corners look sharp and sophisticated.


Also, the feature of "elasable" which is goodness of friction, conversely, seemed to be a disadvantage. "elasable" means to "it was not written". "it was not written" is a rather minus point if you think about it carefully. Writing, especially notes, is written to record thoughts and to elaborate from the perspective of thinking afterwards, so "it was not written" is totally overwhelmed. If you make a mistake, you can draw a double line and rewrite it by your side. Besides, it seems that there is also a unique charm in the sentences which are rewritten aside by double lines.