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書くべきことについて / About what to write
















There are times when I think that I can not write it because I have nothing to write. Rather, it always feels like that. Time blanks the blank before the time passes. And eventually I will leave nothing.
In fact, however, what I should write is something anything, so it's somewhat understood on my way to writing anyway.
So you do not have to write after thinking about what you should write in advance. It is the same as not worrying about what to live for before you start to live a day in the morning (people need to go outside to live anyway).
Whatever it is, I will somehow understand what I am living for while living. As I write anything, whatever it is, I understand what I am trying to write.
Most of the things come to understand in such a way. And somehow. Even if you definitely decide what to live for, what to write, clearly, there are various in the long run and that "what" can not keep the original prototype on the way.
Neither writing nor living can be understood beforehand and it will not be completed if I know it somewhere perfectly. All goes halfway, anyway. There is neither completion nor end.