Frequently Asked Questions


千葉雅也『勉強の哲学 来るべきバカのために』






Basically, it progresses with a straight line.
Diverting the traveling direction of the straight line.
To change and change to another way.
It is an arrangement of concepts to decide behavior
It becomes possible by changing it.
It is a so-called escape line. It is also a war machine.
Those who draw escape lines,
Artistic creation and inspiration
There is no such thing at all,
Rather, it resembles a boy who is addicted to studying.
To somehow become a maniac to mathematical formula.
To investigate details of Japanese history.
Deviating from the category of necessary items for the examination,
Representation - leaving the area of ​​pre-reproduction,
To so-called imperceptible areas
To become maniacs everywhere.
"What on earth are he doing?",
To go to where you are being stupid from others.


勉強の哲学 来たるべきバカのために

勉強の哲学 来たるべきバカのために