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石川美子『ロラン・バルト 言語を愛し恐れつづけた批評家』























What did Roland Barthes want to do? He would not like authoritarian, majority, unity, such things. He would have liked such things as delicate, minority, pluralism.
To stand on the side of the diversity of interpretation, not to bring out the author 's death. Liberating words from authority. Be flexible, delicate and elegant.
The love of Mishre and Proust tells the tendency to the sentences of him.
There is a sign, which is open to interpretation. Signe of society, scenes of historical events.
Interpret the sign. Always a minority, one that is plural. All sumo, haiku and the Imperial Palace should be open to interpretation.
In Sanatorium he even lied on a bed for 18 hours a day. He was writing copies of his favorite texts such as the text of Mishre to the card.
He have lived in a friendly world centered on his mother. Since he lost his mother he kept going on sad mourning.
If you stand on the side of authority, you can not see something delicate and graceful and write it. If you are trapped by the unity of words, you can not decipher an enchanting variety of scenes.
Fear and love for words. It is fear and love for the world as it is. To open the scene of the world to various interpretations without being caught.
It is done by looking into fragments and small things. One Sign, its interpretation. Without doubt, without being caught. To blur the outline of the concept. Opening the key of the cage of the confined concept.